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#Reelbridges – the new voice challenging inequalities in the screen industry though action

Hashtags have been prominent in the media these days.  They are not without merit. 

REEL Bridges aims to provide free mentoring and on-the-job training in a film production.  Our goal is to assist the following groups into entry employment opportunities and stepping-up roles in the screen industry:  women, BAME and those in disadvantaged communities in the greater London area.  We will work independently as well as seek support directly with organisations to bring about awareness and change at the lack of diversity in the screen industry.

REEL Bridges will mentor and provide on-the-job training to applicants to assist them in securing employment or more senior roles. We will address the shortage of women, BAME and economic challenged groups in the screen industry by increasing their numbers and awareness of the shortage of those individuals represented in the field. We will create productions to give each applicant the opportunity to gain real life experience to learn a new skills in screen productions as well as help those seeking to get more senior roles climb the ladder with solid work experience with a tangible project to add to their CV.  This will be delivered in conjunction with a mentoring programme to personally provide one-to-one assessment and motivation of each person to address any challenges or needs they have.  Ultimately, we wish to create a mold where underrepresented can form their own Production teams and build the bridges that will connect them to the wider screen industry.  

The world including the screen industry has been forever plagued with inequalities. Whether it is the lack of women, or BAME or those in the low socio- economic groups, it is clear Houston  (i.e. Hollywood) has a problem.  REEL Bridges aims to fill the gap that the screen industry is afraid or lacks the ability to fill.  It aims to provide women, BAME and disadvantage people with the opportunity and support to enter and advance their career in the screen industry. We are here to show the screen industry what can be done with just the chance to be in the room.  We will create tangible successful screen projects with our Applicants.  Just to be clear, this is a snapshot of key figures to let you know what the screen industry’s lack of diversity reveals although women account for 51% of all moviegoers.

On the top 100 grossing films of 2019, women represented:

12% of directors

20% of writers

2% of cinematographers

26% of producers

19% of executive producers

23% of editors and JUST 6% composers were women!

68% of all female characters were white in the top 100 films of 2019. 20% were Black, 7% were Asian, and 5% were Latina. (Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film)

In the midst of present dilemmas with Coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter, #Oscarssowhite sentiments, the world has experienced collectively what it feels like to be in “lockdown”. We aim to stop the “lockdown” of underrepresented to continue in the screen industry.  We will create opportunities that not only we can use but provide tools to help other underrepresented groups to make an impact.